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About Wheres Your Website

Web Design, Online Marketing Agency, Berkshire Hampshire

Where’s Your website (WYW) are a web design and build agency based on the Berkshire and Hampshire border, offering competitively priced website solutions for small to large organisations. Using the latest designers, WYW can offer a large selection of web design services for small start-up websites to full eCommerce online shops. WYW has experience in working with SME’s and also large corporate organisations helping them to establish their presence on the web.

Our approach at Wheres Your Website is to listen carefully to the business needs of our clients and then to deliver a complete solution, using a combination of web design, web applications and search engine optimisation services

What We Do For Our Customers

With the use of online and offline marketing and optimization, (using social media marketing and Search Engine Optimisation on your website), WYW will create a professional online experience for you and your customers. We can assist in finding a natural browsing route for your customers, help you to understand what to use your website for in your business and create your very own online sales funnel. We believe that your website should be part of your working team and not something that needs updating!

Why have a website for your business

Mobile websitesHaving a presence online for any business can open the doors to sales leads that you may not meet locally. It is a great way to showcase what you do and allow new customers to find you, your products and services.
Just think about it, more than 86% of all homes in the UK have access to the internet and this will continue to rise with the development of faster broadband and mobile phone usage. Add to this, the increase in handheld devices using WIFI connections such as iPhones, iPads, iPods to name just a few. These again account for nearly 74% of all searches made online, this figure keeps rising.

Business start-up websites

It is essential for a new business to get their online presence correct at the start before they leave an ugly historic digital footprint. At WYW we work with new business start-ups who have no web presence as well as companies with an existing website, who are looking to improve their image and presence online. WYW can offer 1-2-1 training as well as many workshops for SEO, Social Media marketing planning and of course, can assist in social media management for those companies that are short on time.

social Media MarketingWYW are often asked the question; “Why bother with a website if we are only a small local business?” It’s a reasonable question when more and more research and surveys show that only a small percentage of websites actually generate any sales or leads online for new start business. Some claim that this statistic, is as low as 10% of all the websites online. However one thing is clear, if you are NOT online you will never be found and it is one less area for you to find new customers and sales. Therfore you need to get your business online some how and in a way that works for you and your business.  Call 0844 858 2940 now today and talk to us about how we at Where’s Your Website can help you develop your online presence.

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