Tips for Facebook Business Pages

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Tips for Facebook Business Pages

1. Add a Facebook like button to your website

By adding a like button to your website you will be able to show visitors to your website, another online area of your business where they can find and follow information on your business. You may wish to use Facebook as a more informal way of communicating with potential customers and using it to share useful information.

Facebook pages for business can also be used for running competitions, creating customer surveys and running events. It’s also a great place to share photographs and if possible tag customers to create a more informal relationship with your customers.

Obviously facebook pages are not suitable for all types of business but for some it is a great way to communicate and build new relationships for your business. Make sure you have evaluated your business and your customers to establish if Facebook is the right arena for you business message.

To get your Like button for your website go to this link on Facebook and follow the instructions. You can also ask your web designer for help if you are not at all technical.

  1. Add your Facebook Page address to your email signature.

Do you have a signature that you use in your emails? If so then include your Facebook page address, by including this in your email signature it allows the people that you correspond with to view your page to find out more up to date information on your company and your products or services.

It’s a great way to advertise your Facebook page to your customers and those that you communicate with on a daily basis.

Next time you have something printed include your Facebook page URL on there and encourage people to visit and like your page.

  1. Add your Facebook Page to your Twitter Profile

If you have a twitter account then in your profile make sure you include your

website address and your Facebook page.

If people find you on Twitter then they are already using social media so may wish to follow you on Facebook too by liking your page.

But do not beg people to like your page when they follow you as not everyone uses Facebook and Twitter, let them choose for themselves.

  1. Vanity URL for your Facebook Page.

If you haven’t already done so you can get a personalised URL for your business or even your profile page.

The easiest way to find out if your preferred name is available is to visit this link in Facebook and follow the instructions:

Once your URL is confirmed and set up you can use this link in your email signature and any advertising you may wish to do for the business Facebook Page.

  1. Add customer testimonials to the notes section.

On your Facebook page you can add various apps to you page such as video, photos, questions, notes etc.

The notes app is a good one to use to add customer reviews for your products and services. You can also add links to your LinkedIn profile if your company offers more of a professional service.

  1. Optimise your Information section.

Make sure that you have fully optimised your information section of your page

including adding in any sub categories of what you do. Include keywords in your description to attract new followers.

To optimise this section click on the about link on your page and then select which selection to edit. Make sure the About Info, Basic Info and Contact Info is completed in full, including a detailed description of what your company does.

7. Create Albums of photographs relevant to you

If you sell products this is a great way to get your information in front of your future customers. Pictures of your products new and old should be displayed in relevant albums for your fans to browse.

Remember to write full descriptions for each of the albums and pictures using keywords to optimise them. Whilst images are great to use, it is always best to include text so that your images can also be optimised, especially if you are selling products.

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  1. Use the Tag Feature in Facebook Posts

The tagging feature is good to use if you wish to mention suppliers or customers or other pages.

It’s a good way to get your posts on other pages so think of ways to

incorporate comments that can include a tag.  You can tag another business if you have liked their business page, when typing their name the link box should appear in your post.  An alternative way to do this is to use the  @ sign before the name to tag a person or a business. To do this you will need to know the exact name of the person.

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  1. Find other Facebook business Pages.

Search out other Facebook pages of businesses that will compliment yours, by liking these pages you can make comments on their posts and ultimately attract their fans to your page. You could even consider finding a relevant business page that you could promote in return for their promotion of your business.

Share information from other sites on your business page that may be of interest to your fans.

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  1. Facebook advertising.

If your product or service can be specifically targeted to age, gender, location etc then consider Facebook for the best way to advertise on line.

Facebook advertising is easy to set up and can bring visitors to your Facebook page and ultimately your website to convert to sales.

Choose whether you would like to;

  • Get more page likes
  • Promote Page Posts

To set up your Facebook adverts visit the Advertising section of Facebook, select the page you would like to advertise and complete the various sections. Remember to narrow the audience down from country, to county to town and then reduce the mileage surround. The more you narrow the advertising to your local area, the more chance you have of finding good local fans for your products or services.


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