Social Networking Sites 2017

March 15, 2017

Social networking is a growing trend both personally and in the business world, and its not going to go away any time soon. In fact it is growing year on year with new and interesting social networking sites evolving and its something you should have in your blog marketing plan. Gone are the days of just Friend re-united or Myspace! do you remember those? Now days you can lose hours of your life that you will never get back, by scrolling online in the various social networking sites. So what are the top ones being used by companies in 2017 and what should you be looking at doing as a business in these social networking sites?

Linkedin Social network

Still the favoured “professional” social networking site to use to promote you and your business online, however rumblings of what types of posts are not appropriate and should be on Facebook are driving some users away. Ignore these as its still a great professional site to use. Always make sure your profile is up to date, change your image to keep it relevant and that people will recognise you. We love LinkedIn for the posting part of your profile where you can share your blogs. Don’t be frightened to re-post a blog that you did last month on your own site to LinkedIn, or write a mini post and link to your site.

Facebook Social networkingFacebook is still one of the most popular social networking sites around with over 2 billion active monthly users. This social network is great for sharing blog posts, images, videos and getting the fun side of your company out there.

Facebook live has been delivering impressive results for some business owners as Facebook pushes this content to the front of your feed. There are lots of options for using Facebook live with your business such as announcing winners to a competition, launching a new product online or filming a customer or staff experience.  Make sure that Facebook live is considered in your Marketing plan when using Facebook.

Our current tip for Facebook is to schedule your posts in the Facebook scheduler rather than in a third party, you will see much better results and the insights they provide will help you to understand what your audience likes and would like to see more of in the future.


Twitter social networkingTwitter the 140 character post where all the latest news breaks and your news feed is as it happens rather than what they want you to see! Or is it? talk that algorithmic timelines will be the future of Twitter similar to Facebook could change the way people use it. Already they have a “while you were away” feature which allows you to catch up on what you may want to see but to have it on all tweets will be interesting to see as I can imagine live conversations would not make sense if not in a time order. However we wait to see and in the interim use it as a local business to connect with other local businesses and press.


Google BusinessGoogle Business is a quiet one in the background and if you don’t keep your eyes on this one regularly you may have missed some new interesting additions to the local business post. You can now add blog posts to Google Local business along with images and customer reviews.

Google don’t do these things for no reason, so you can bet that the more you share the more likely you will appear at the top of their searches.

Make sure you keep your Google Business page up to date and encourage customers to leave reviews on your products or service.

Search for your business name in google and look on the right hand side for your entry or search in maps to see what comes up. If you can find your business make sure you get listed on Google Business today.


YouTube Social NetworkingYoutube is the second largest search engine next to Google so why wouldn’t you add your videos to this social network site? Most WordPress sites allow Youtube plugins to connect your videos to your site from Youtube. Check out their Youtube Red subscription membership that allows you to post your videos without any advertising. Other video sharing platforms to consider would be Vimeo

Great for sharing your won videos but equally good for finding good video content to share on your social networks or include as content in your blog.

instagram Social networkingInstagram is our last shout out in the social networking sites to use in business which has seen massive growth in the past year. This is only set to continue as now part of the Facebook family.

This social network is perfect for sharing video and photographs instantly so consider using for events, customer experiences, competition announcements and generally showcasing the fun side of your business.

Great way to connect with your customers in a personal way but not as close as a Facebook friend request. Remember to extensively use hashtags to get the best results and reach on your posts.


If you need help to understand which social media would work best for your company, we are here waiting to take your call to help.  We offer a FREE social media review of your business, where we will look at what you are currently doing and offer recommendations of areas that you should consider. We can also offer a fully managed social media campaign for your company or 1-2-1 social media training.






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