Search Engine Optimisation

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Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO What’s it all about?

Search Engine Optimisation is what sets your website apart from all the others on the web. With over 60 Trillion pages out there, competing for that page 1 search display, you need to ensure that you have your website properly dressed with the right SEO apparel.

So what is the right SEO for you and your website and how easy is it to achieve? There are many things to take into consideration but the key ones that are often missed are the simple ones to fix.

  • Page Titles for each of your pages on your website should be different and relate to the content on that page.
  • Descriptions for each page should describe what the page is about and include a call to action. This is what will appear in the search engines under the bold underlined page title.
  • Keywords. Not as important as they used to be, but still must be included and for local business owners, consideration should be given to geographical keywords which include your location
  • Links to and from and within your website still remain key, they help the crawlers to find their way around your site, and links to your site gives authority to you and your website.
  • Popularity is key now for search engine results and Google in particular monitors this by using social media feeds in their algorithms. Make sure you are using your social media to drive traffic to your website and not just sharing for sharing sake.
  • Alternative tags for images are a must and make sure that you only load images that have alternative tags and are the right size to avoid slow load speeds.

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