Search engine optimisation local audit

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Search Engine Optimisation Local Audit

This is an advanced SEO service for a local business and so will produce excellent rankings in the location that the business operates. There are three different levels to this package with the standard package offering a good boost, the two larger packages should be considered though if your web site is not ranking at all or if the market is very competitive. The largest package costs £500 and almost always produces excellent page one rankings and so will strongly boost your local business rankings. It is as easy as 1,2,3!


The service is of two parts, so firstly all local SEO work will be done to the web site so that it is fully compliant and so this includes adding schema, making sure that your address is properly formatted, making sure that your sitemap and other files are optimised for local SEO, making sure that Google Maps is fully integrated into your site and that social accounts are also properly set up to help local SEO. So this will all get the web site into great shape for local SEO so that search engines can best understand where you are and where you cover.


Then once that is all done, there is important work that needs to be done away from the site. The first is in setting up (or optimising existing accounts) on the important search engines and so the Google My Business account and also the similar versions from Bing and Yahoo and so I make sure that they are all perfectly set up as they are very important for local SEO.


Then the last part is the citation building, these are listings on special directories that list businesses and information about the business and search engines use these to confirm information about the web site and so they need setting up very well so that they are consistent with the above accounts. So they are done to a very high quality and I also boost them with links to the citations so that they are much stronger than standard citations and so these produce excellent local SEO results.

Links are now very important for local SEO, just as they are for standard SEO, and so these boosted citations help a great deal and I can also build other links if you would like too. You many not need that though, just send me a message with your web site and I’ll have a look for you, I’m also happy to advise on which package is best for your web site.