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How to market your business online

Online marketing counts towards 50% of your search engine results so it is an important part of your marketing strategy. In order to obtain go search engine rankings, you need to consider how and when you market your business. There are many options that will help you to market your business online and at Where’s Your Website we can help you to decide.

Website Marketing

Consider your website as a member of your sales team, use it regularly as a reference point for your business. Include your website address in all printed material, emails and business presentations. The more people that know about your website, the more will visit.


Using a well-planned shopping cart function on your website will help you to grow your online sales for your business. Customers love to shop on-line BUT it needs to be a very easy process. WYW can help build and design simple shopping carts for your eCommerce website.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, love it or hate it, we can’t get away from it. Your website ranking will be rated on what on-line marketing you do, and if you are not using social media your website ranking in the search engines will be affected. Google considers how popular your site is by monitoring your online marketing and your popularity. We cover all the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business to name just a few.


eMarketing campaigns are a must for your online marketing plan, to help you to build a relationship with your clients and gain referrals to new clients. Use eMarketing to notify clients of special offers, news about your company and to drive followers, fans to your social media timelines.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation doesn’t need to be difficult as the basics are pretty straightforward. You just need to commit a little time to learn the foundations of good search engine optimisation and then apply it to your own website. WYW offers excellent Search Engine Optimisation courses for beginners. Enquire today or read our customer testimonials and find out for yourself.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be used for you to promote your own business by offering discounts or rewards for customer referrals, or by adding other companies affiliate programmes to your website to offer added value and benefits to your clients. Use it to advertise a new product/service that compliments your business. ie Cloud accounting products for accountant websites.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click marketing can bring many rewards to your online marketing activity, BUT it needs full consideration before making your campaign live. The best pay per click campaigns is achieved when the profile of your desired clients is known to you and included in the campaign settings. Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Twitter adverts can all bring excellent results when used correctly. Don’t burn money trying, ask WYW to set up and manage your campaigns