Creating Quizzes for Social Media


Creating Quizzes for Social Media

If you are using social media to promote your business then you will more than likely have seen quizzes being shared on your social media platforms. Everyone loves a quiz and if it’s a funny one or a popular theme then it will be shared with many profiles giving you a wider reach and a new audience. Keeping this in mind this popular post, how easy is it to create a really good quiz and get it used and shared? Well, very easy it seems with the use of a free online quiz creator which helps you to create your quiz ready to share with your existing audience who will hopefully share and find you a wider reach and new audience.

What types of Quizzes can you create?

There are quite a few options for creating quizzes with free online software companies such as Typeform they have templates that can be used for quizzes on Training, learning, marketing, fun or level assessment quizzes for trainers and teachers. They even have templates ready for you to use such as this Geography Quiz give it a try and see how well you did? The templates they offer and the choices are pretty good so it is a great place to start to see how engaging the posts are and monitor the reach that they achieve. Oatmeal is another great place to find quizzes to share which are fun and give you the option to quickly share them on your social media platform or even google Forms allow you to create a quiz. However, the real art is in creating your won quiz so keep reading.

Creating Quizzes – What should you consider?

There are a few key things to consider for your quiz when creating it and which questions you will need to ask is not the only topic you need to have ready!  Listed below are our top tips for creating a quiz

  1. Title – Make sure you pick a great eye-catching title that will make people stop and click.
  2. Image – The image you choose for the promotion of the quiz is so important and needs to reflect
  3. Keep the questions light and engaging and add encouragement throughout
  4. Use images for where is this or guess the number of etc
  5. Ask questions that might help you in your business
  6. Keep it short and simple for quick interaction

Why use a Quiz?

Creating Quizzes for your social media can help you to raise awareness of your brand and engage with new and existing customers. That said keep in mind your end goal and what you would like the user to do.

  • Try to ensure that you have some way of capturing data, even if it is a “like our page to share your results”
  • If you share a ready to go quiz make sure you embed it in a new post from your page so that it is shared with your page information
  • Share in the right place and time to get the maximum exposure of your quiz
  • Most of all have a bit of fun with it and go for something on the fun side.
  • To generate leads with a lead generator form at the end of the quiz.

Monitor the results

Like all social media activity, you need to monitor the result and use google analytics to track the reach of the post. Always remember to engage and respond to any comments politely and quickly. Where possible offer something in return for their details, consider a small discount or BOGOF for example.

If you would like help to create a quiz for your social media, get in touch to discuss in more detail. We love a good quiz here at Wheres Your Website, try our “How addicted to Facebook are you?”

Creating Quizzes Social Media Manager Wheres Your website


Creating quizzes for your Social Media feed can help increase the reach of your social media posts. WYW can offer assistance in creating quizzes.



Creating Quizzes Social Media Manager Wheres Your website

creating Quizzes

Creating quizzes for your Social Media feed can help increase the reach of your social media posts. WYW can offer assistance in creating quizzes.

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