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So what’s new at Facebook? Finding friends nearby!!!

Really, would you want to do this? It will be a feature that you can turn on and off, but what if you forget to turn it off, and what if you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing? I can understand why you might use this if you have a few friends, but then wouldn’t you have asked them already if they wanted to go out with you?

Facebook see it as an add on that you can turn on and find friends nearby that may be going to the cinema and that you could hook up and go together?! They also suggest to use it to send suggestions for restaurants nearby to you if you are travelling and they have been to the same place. Would you find this useful? I think I might have already done my research before travelling, but you never know may be useful for someone.

I wait with baited breath to see how this works out for the many Facebook users with hundreds of friends.


Facebook Like Baiting


Facebook has announced that they are taking action against those Facebook pages that actively bait fans to like their posts or pages. These pages do this to secure more shares and displays in time feeds, which users do not necessarily want to see.

Included in this clean up will be Spammy links and Frequently circulated content, for more information check out the Facebook page about new news feeds.


Get more Facebook Fans today


So you have created a Facebook page and you have lots of great stories to share and tell to your audience?  Only thing is no-one wants to be your fan! You have asked all your friends, all your customers and thankfully, a few have obliged and clicked that all important like button, but nothing that will set your page on fire. So what do you do?

Well, there are many options, some fun, most hard work, but thankfully one way is to

Everyone has a different opinion on buying Facebook fans and some say its great, some say not so, but no-one really knows unless they give it a try. Just google buy Facebook fans and the choice is endless. We found this one which is really easy to use and the great thing is you can order as little as 100 new fans. Check them out here FastFaceLikes

Let us know how you get on if you do give it a try, good, bad and ugly opinions welcome.

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