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Creating content for your business to market your products or services can be a tough job if your creative juices are dry! One of the most powerful ways to get your blog posts or social media content generating more reach and engagement is to pick trending topics and twist them to something relevant in your industry. What this does is catches the eye of the reader as the topic is trending on the news and will be displayed in many ways to them. It gives you, as a business owner or content marketing manager, an opportunity to give an interesting or amusing twist to a trending story and gain exposure for your business, product or service.

In our blog today we look at ways you can use trending news to build awareness for your product or service, which includes tips and links to check out and try out for yourself. Content is always king when it comes to any social media or blog post, so learn how to find it, craft it and share it and then sit back and watch the results.

So how do you find out what is trending?

There are many ways to find out what is trending so that you can start creating content for your social media or blog posts and we look at a few of them in this blog post.


Google Trends is a great place to start if nothing is blatantly obvious to you in your social media feeds or on the television that you are watching.

Trends24 is a great go-to website for finding out what is popular for the past 24 hours and you can drill this result down into country results. We love this as it includes the latest hashtags that are relevant too. #Mondayblog #MondayMotivation is just two hashtags that we could use to promote our blog today.


Television shows are one of the most popular topics (other than the weather) that you could jump onto and use to promote your business. Just this week we have the choice of 3 huge reality shows that everyone has an opinion on (even if they hate the programmes) What is happening on Strictly Come Dancing? or X-Factor or I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here?

Reality Shows generate content in your social media feeds and are trending topics for your existing or future copies. Take time to create funny comments, perhaps pick moments and compare them to what you do.

  • Are you a coach helping people conquer fears? Walking that plank, jumping out of a plane or sticking your hands into holes with unknown creepy crawlies? How many angles can you go with those?

Network Interact

Getting out of your office and meeting new people gives you insight into new trends, different takes on current news or changes in your industry. Meet up with people from your industry, don’t avoid each other because you may be competitors! Often discussions with people from the same industry will get your creative juices flowing and new ideas emerging for creating content for you marketing posts. Afterall everyone is different and a discussion will always form different opinions.

How do you use this opportunity for trending news?

Once you decide which trends you are going to use in your marketing content you then need to decide how it will work with your products or services. Once you have the connection you then need to write or create the blog or post starting with a good entry paragraph giving a hook that will keep the reader engaged to read more. Once you have created your hook paragraph give reasons for the connection and then solutions or tips that are relevant to your business.

  • Always remember to include links internally and externally to more information to keep the reader engaged.
  • Consider using videos or examples of good posts of where this trending content appears.
  • Act quickly as the moment can be gone and the message lost in the old news rather than current trending news!
  • Never jump on trending news if it has no relevance to your business or services.

Examples of creating content from trending news

We are so delighted for one of our fellow 10-12 Business Club members Lucy Roberts of Active Silver who has recently had the blessing of a Celebrity endorsement! Something marketers try to gain for clients as the power of a Celebrity Endorsement is crazy, something that Lucy has found out only too well. All it took was an interview on This morning with Lorraine and bang the website was hit, orders came flying in and her Facebook Feed for Active Silver has been filled with wonderful posts and comments. As Lucy said, it is all hands to the pump to fulfil all the orders of this wonder liquid that Debbie McGee takes daily and everyone is now hoping will be able to be as active as her.  Thankfully my order was placed well before the Celebrity Endorsement and I look forward to the day when I can kick my leg as high as Debbie!

If you need help with content for your social media marketing or business blog Wheres Your Website are here to help, get in touch today for more details on all our marketing products.

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