Creating a blog marketing plan

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A blog Marketing Plan is no different to any other marketing plan that you would do for your business. a blog marketing plan should include all the relevant activity that will be required to promote your company through blogging. It should be a simple marketing plan that can help you to keep you on track to achieve your goals that you wish to achieve through blogging. Take a look at our key points that we think you should include in your blog marketing plan.

1. Market and Product definition

Your product will be your blog on your website and you should consider what you will share, what type of content, links and images would be relevant to your customers. Think about how you could help them, can you make their life easier or better with your products and or services. As for your market, take a look at your competitors, what are they doing, who is the most successful and what are they sharing, what content are they using. Analyse all this information and create your own blogging niche for your website. Is there an opening for something new that no-one else is doing?

2. Your Brand

Consider how you wish your brand to be perceived in the blogging environment and what style will you like to portray. Set your voice and style at the very beginning to keep a constant brand style throughout your blogs. Are you looking to be formal or does a more relaxed style work in your industry? What will your blog promise to the reader? Consistency in your blogs is what will build followers, create loyalty and reduce confusion of your messages in your blogs.

3. Distribution and Price

Consider where you will distribute your blog and will there be a cost to do so and if so will this be charged to the user. Most blogs are free and shared through social media and newsletters. There are many ways to share blogs online from blog syndication to your Linkedin profile all channels should be considered and added to your Blog Marketing Plan.

Always plan what you are going to do.

4. Sales and Marketing Strategy

Once you have your first blog you obviously need to find readers and followers to grow your audience so consider how you will find them and how will you connect them? Equally how will you market your blog, good options to consider are; guest blogging, search engine optimising by adding Yoast SEO plugin to your wordpress blog, social networking on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook Twitter etc. sharing your latest blog via email marketing or newsletters.

5. Cost and Budget

Finally with all marketing plans you need to consider if there is to be a cost involved and if so what budget can be allocated. Some costs that you could incur when running a blog would be for search engine optimisation by hiring a company to optimise your wordpress blog or the cost of employing a blog writer to create some different content for your blog. Whatever you decide to do it is best to make sure the costs are considered and a budget allocated for your blog marketing.

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