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Ever wondered why your business doesn’t appear for what you consider relevant searches in your area?

It’s hard to get found online for your services or products in Google and its even harder if your Google My Business is not totally up to date.

Follow the list below of tasks to do in Google My Business and you may be on your way to a better site listing.

  1. Enter all your data. Make sure you enter all your business information such as what you do, where you are and when customers can visit.

Make sure you include your physical address, phone number and select the correct business category.

  1. Verify your location. if you have a Google My Business account go to the dashboard and make sure you have verified your business.

If you need to set one up do so by clicking on set up My Google Business

  1. Accurate hours help customers to find you and make sure you include holiday closures.
  2. Always manage and respond to reviews left by customers, high-quality reviews will increase the likelihood for potential customers to visit your location.

Encourage customers to give feedback. Create an easy link for them to click on to review using this Create my Google Review Link

  1. Add Photos to your business page of what you do, your products and your office, this gives them the confidence to try your services.

How Google determines your local ranking.

Google looks at relevance, distance, and prominence of the business listings which help them to then provide the best match to their customers searching.

If a business further away has a better listing, with more data, more images, and better reviews, Google Algorithms will display those results.

Relevance – Make sure your business is relevant by adding complete detailed business information regarding your company.

Distance – If there is no distance specified in users search ie within 10 miles the Google Algorithms will pick the most relevant data to display, even if it is further away.

Prominence – This is for a well-known business which can relate to a well know places such as a museum, hotel landmark or a well-known brand. It can also refer to information collated from across the web for a local business.

This is where your links, articles, and directories come into play. The more articles posted, links created and directories listed will help to give you Prominence in the Google Algorithm

Your position on the web results also matters so make sure your site is SEO optimised for all your content and images. If you need help with SEO have a read of one of our blogs on SEO Tips

The one thing about Google My business is you can not request or pay for a better ranking. It is all down to hard work to get yourself displayed up on that first page.

Google My Business is a free service so why wouldn’t you use it?

What Wheres Your Website can do for you

At WYW we can help you with setting up your or improving your Google My Business listing. Call or email for more details on how we can help and how much we charge for this service.

Our 1-2-1 training sessions start from just £99 per session and will help you to understand what you need to do to get your listings more visible. 

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