6 Mistakes people make when blogging



Blogging is the best way to create new unique content to share with existing and future customers. Pick a topic that is trending and spin it round to incorporate your business goals or products and it will more than likely get read. However blogging for bloggings’ sake is not necessarily the way to go. Like all marketing activity you do need to create a blog marketing plan for your company blogs and stick to it. Often people worry about what people will think of them as a writer and are too frightened to even start.  That should not be the case if your information is relevant and unique to your audience and if they like your style will look out for your future blog posts.

Here are our top 6 things to avoid when blogging for your business

1. Randomly Blog

We see this a lot with business owners writing a blog that is a good read but is just not relevant to their business. Every blog should focus on growing your business, creating links to your industry, your products or your service. Blogs that answer specific questions or concerns in your industry are always good reads an very relevant to your business which will help achieve that goal to grow! As a small business owner with less than 10 employees or an independent business owner it is suggested that you blog at least 11 post per month to benefit from more website traffic.

2. Write in a formal manner

The best blogs are those that are written as if the person is talking to you, they are light and an easy read. The more approachable the writer the better success with the blog and the more likely people will be to leave a comment or share the article. Don’t be frightened to add a few puns and please leave the industry jargon out of your blogs. Everyone wants to do business with real people with personalities so let yours shine through.

3. Look for perfection in every post

The best blogs are sometimes the ones with a little mistake, a missed word or a random image. They become the best because the writer has written with passion about a subject that is relevant and the content is unique and informative. When a good blog possesses these qualities it doesn’t matter if there is a typo or the image isn’t quite what you wanted. Lots of blogs never appear from business owners because they take too long editing and redrafting their posts.  However with all blogs do take some time away from the finished post and revisit later that day to edit with fresh eyes then schedule your post.

Keep blogging don’t start then stop.

4. Blog without a Plan

The best blogs have a lot of thought go into them before fingers even touch the keyboard. If you plan the subject, research the images and data you want to include, note the basics of what you are trying to achieve the writing part is the easy bit. If you are typing like you would talk then the content will flow easily into your blog. Consider using a small note book to plan your blogs, make notes on what data you will link to and what your key message will be to your audience. Top tips like this blog are always a good option as they are simple and easy to share.

5. Blog now and again

So often we see blogs on websites that are months old and never been revisited because the business is randomly blogging when they remember.  A blog is the top request for a new website but it is not always something we add straight away. There is no point in having an inactive blog as it will just make your site look like it is not regularly updated. Consider using your calendar to book in days that you need to create a blog, statistics show that the more you blog the more traffic your website will see and ultimately the more customers you will find.

6. Don’t Blog at all

If you are reading this and thinking yeah so what but I don’t have time to blog and I don’t like writing but I do have a website and I do want people to find me. Then you do need to seriously consider blogging for your business and blogging often not now and again.  Statistics claim that websites that blog regularly (and that is more than once a month) will receive 97 percent more links to their websites and their pages get indexed a whopping 434 percent more often.

So there you have our 6 tips and I know there are so many more out there on the internet available for you to read. If you haven’t started blogging and are wondering what sites get the most traffic, take a look at the types of blogs that get the most searches in Google. If you like what we have shared and want to find out more about blogging for your business get in touch or read some more of our blogging articles her on our website.

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