5 Seo Tips that are Cuter Than a Kitten 

October 17, 2016

Cuter than a kitten? SEO

SEO!  How can we possibly compare the two? There is nothing cute I hear you say about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and getting your site to rank on search engines. Cuteness is everything soft and nice and SEO to the beginner is anything but that!  Keeping up with what you should and shouldn’t be doing for your website using SEO is often confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this blog we look at 5 simple tips that might just help you to move your site up the search engine rankings. with a simple explanation that we hope you will agree that SEO, can be as cute as a kitten.

1. Choose one good keyword for each page

Focus on one keyword for each page, and write good original content. Find out the best keywords by using Google Keyword planner to establish which keywords offer the best search results. Use the keyword throughout your post or page and include relevant images and links to other content in your website and to other websites externally.  For small local business owners focus on “long tail keywords” which include more than one word. ie “Italian Restaurants near Hook Hampshire”


2. Find out what your competition is up to?

Using an incognito browser in chrome (ctrl, shift n) or Private/In Private in Safari and Firefox. By browsing in a private browser your results will not be affected by any historical browsing that you have done. Search for your chosen keywords to see what results are returned from your competitors. Look at the results on the first page and ask is your page better, or can it be better?

Search for your chosen keywords to see what results are returned from your competitors. Look at the results on the first page and ask is your page better, or can it be better? Make note of who appears on the first page results and if directories make sure your company is listed.


3. Use your keywords throughout the page

Once you have chosen your keywords you can use them throughout the page. Make sure you include the keyword in the page name (the name you give to your page when you create it), page URL (make sure the keyword is used at the beginning of the page link name) and H1 tag which is the main header of your page. Always make sure your content is original and relevant to the chosen keywords and continue to use the keywords throughout the article. That’s the cute part of SEO. Consistency and unique relevant content which makes SEO cuter than a kitten. Read more on how to keep your website properly dressed.


4. Use internal and external links

Linking words on your page to other internal pages or link to external content that helps confirm the content on your page. Go back to other pages within your site and update them with your new keywords and link to the new page. External links from other sites to your site is the ultimate aim to boost your pages ranking in the search engines. To obtain external links you will need to work hard and find sites that value your content enough to add a link from their site to yours. Collaborating with other business owners, guest blogging and commenting on other blogs are just a couple of ways to get external links. Backlinks are those that specifically point to a page on your website with anchor text including the keywords from that site to yours.


5. Use your keyword in your images

It’s important to rename all your images (don’t load up images and use them in their raw file format such as 0012846.jpg) and include your keyword in those images. Make sure you resize your images before loading to the website and give each image an “alt tag” once the image has been loaded to the website. An “alt tag” is the text that the web browser will show if the image cannot be displayed. By using your keywords I the image name and alt tag it will back up the content on your page.

If you are struggling to understand SEO call us today as we offer 1-2-1 training sessions on website SEO.


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