20 blog headlines to consider using for your blog

Blog Headlines

Blog content helps Search Engine Optimisation

Adding a blog to your website is an easy option to bring new content to your website, but deciding on what you should write about is the hardest part of the exercise. I often have clients asking what should I write about and fail to see how anything that their business does would be of interest to anyone. That is often the problem with business owners, we are just too close to the subject and assume everyone knows what we do or how it is done. This is so not true and listed below are 20 headlines to consider using for your blog to get those creative juices going.

  • Tell the world all about you. Who You are and What You Do and how your business started
  • Share your success stories – Had a successful sale, happy customer, changed someones life. Tell all
  • Tell the world your Top 5/10/15 tips for your industry
  • Tell the world your Top 5/10/15 tips of things not to do in your industry
  • Tell the world your Top 5/10/15 tips of mistakes to avoid in your industry
  • Write a case study of a client, a product or service you have created
  • Review a book that you recently read that helped your business
  • Interview another local business owner that you work with or would like to start collaborating
  • Write a how to guide on something that relates to your industry
  • Whats new in your industry, shop, office etc
  • Your top 10 places to go find information for your industry. include helpful links for the reader
  • Share your top networking events to go to for your business
  • Have you got an inspirational story? or recently heard one. Tell the story and include links.
  • Write a how to overcome guide to something relevant to your services
  • Share you top 10 books to read in business and why you found them useful
  • Search out experts in their field and interview by video, or write or My top 10 questions to an expert in xyz
  • Holiday post which can be about anything relating to holiday time. – ie how to switch off when on holiday
  • Top destinations busy entrepreneurs visit on holiday
  • Start a month/week/3day challenge to your customers which can be anything relevant to your business. Photo contest, Personal review etc
  • Ultimate guide to something relevant to your business

Blog headlines are key for your blog!

Still struggling with blog headlines?

If you are still struggling with headlines to consider for your blog then try some of the following and add your business services or products to the end.

  • The first step to….
  • An open letter to….
  • My biggest regret
  • I asked……
  • 20 Most Common….
  • 10 Best ……
  • How to ….
  • What to….
  • Where to…..
  • Quick guide to…
  • Ultimate guide to…..
  • Beginners guide to……
  • Wrong ways…
  • Creative ways…
  • Best solution for….
  • Top Tips….
  • Reveal 10 xyz……
  • Warning to ……
  • What everyone needs to …..
  • Discover how ….
  • 20 ways to ….
  • What if ……

Inspired but no time to blog?

If you are inspired to blog but have no time available then consider contracting someone to write your blogs for you. At Where’s Your Website we have access to many different types of bloggers to help you get your business blogs up to date and more regular content on to your website. Blogging unique original content can help with your websites optimisation in the search engines and gives you an excuse to reconnect with your customers.

Blogs share in newsletters or on social media bring many business owners as much reward as a paid advertisement.

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