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Your Website?

Did it take off with a bang?

Then fizzle out?

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Social Media for your website

Using Social Media is good for your business.

Welcome to Where’s Your Website (WYW), a web design and online marketing company offering website design and digital marketing in the Berkshire and Hampshire area. WYW builds creative websites with search engine optimization in mind to help the business owner manage their own online marketing and attract traffic by offering relevant unique content.

We love to work with small business owners and offer some great options for start-up business websites. Check out our latest Coronavirus website offer for those businesses effected by Covid-19


Our Key Services

Online Marketing

Book a free 1-2-1 meeting  discuss what options are available for online marketing.

Web Design

Get in touch to find out about our web design services. WordPress designs to suit all.

Seo Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a vital requirement for your site. Talk with us today, a little tweak goes a long way.

Social Media

Learn what social media will work best for your business.We hold your hand through the learning process.


Get Into Social Media

We know that we all need air to breathe! To grown and your website is no different. It needs air too and that comes from you on social media. Love it or hate it, if you want to find new clients online, you need a social media campaig.

Create a social identity online

Your social identity online helps you to showcase the softer side of your business. The uniqueness of why you do what you do. Websites just help to authenticate it and give your customers a go-to place for all their questions.

Wheres Your website Boom

Covid Start up Websites from just £399

If your business is less than 2 years old and has been affected by Covid talk to us. We have some great new website offers for you. *Terms & Conditions apply

Social Media Trainer

When you know who loves you, life gets easier.

Finding your fans and who loves you is the hardest part about doing Social Media.

Work with our trainers and gurus to find your voice and reach new clients for your business.

It is all about finding out who loves you and what they want to hear from you. Discover this and you will find Social Media to be very easy.

We look at what is going on in your local market and what your competitors are up to. We then train you the skills to go out there after new clients.

Learn how to use scheduling apps and how to create content.

eMarketing Training

Using social media as well as updating your clients through e-news letters will keep your customers loyal.

Learn how to create your own eMarketing campaigns

Social Media Training

Having a website is not enough to form a successful online presence. You need to be using social media too.

If you are struggling to establish a social media marketing plan then book on for our social media training.


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Facebook Page Tips

Read our tips on how to use your Facebook business page.

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Google My Business

If you are a local business then you MUST be on Google My Business

Blog Headlines

Creating Content

Creating Content may seem like hard work, but not when you know how.

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